Need easy SSL, custom domains, or traffic forwarding?

Easily add routing and HTTPS for any of your sites.

No code, no config, no deployments, no worries.

routepath screenshot setting up wordpress blog and heroku api


Any domain, regardless of provider

Add custom domains to your site, even if your hosting provider doesn't support them.

routepath domains UI screenshot
https ssl lock icon

Automatic HTTPS

Get that little green lock next to your domain name. Let us worry about retrieving and renewing SSL certs from Let's Encrypt for you.

One domain, many destinations

Get the most out of your domain by forwarding paths to different locations.
Route / to your landing page, /api to your API servers, /blog to your blog host.

browser url bar example with path to blog
routepath new route UI screenshot

Simple UI instead of config files

Messing with config files and deployments is a pain. Set up your routes with a couple of clicks! Your changes will be available immediately.


  • 6 routes
  • 2 domains with SSL
  • 5,000 requests per month
  • API Access
$7 $5 / per month
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Need more?
  • Higher request volume
  • Unlimited routes
  • Unlimited domains
  • Explicit uptime requirements

Set up your routes!

Because your time is better spent working on your site, not your reverse proxy.